About us

Our green and lively oasis in the midst of beautiful Rotermanni quarter makes you shift into vacation mode while enjoying delicious and healthy vegan food prepared with lots of love. At Oasis you can also enjoy quality musical experiences with live music and DJ-s or educating talk-shows. It is not our goal to convert you into vegan but rather sharing our passion for pure tastes and wholesome vegan food. At the same time contributing towards creating better and a more sustainable world together.

We also have a vegan shop where you can find a nice choice of vegan products – starting from our house made vegan cheeses, hummus, (raw)cakes and gluten-free buckwheat bread to food supplements and health care products. Great finds also for gift ideas!

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PS! To book a table for the same day, call us on +37255900522, otherwise it will not be taken into account 💚