Our story

OASIS restaurant is offering exceptional experiences at every level. We are creating a green, lively and refreshing oasis at the restaurant, where you can easily shift into vacation mode while enjoying delicious and healthy food prepared with lots of love and awareness. It’s not our goal to create a fully vegan world but an opportunity to share our passion towards pure tastes and wholesome vegan food. The concept of Oasis was inspired initially by the plants and nature that nurtures us. We wish to bring the same touch of nature also into the urban environment.
Next to the restaurant, there is also a vegan shop where you can find plant-based products made by the OASIS family, as well as new and interesting vegan delicacies from Estonia and the rest of the world.
Behind the Oasis is Toomas Laigu, who has a big drive to change the world for the better with his actions. He’s in his work and hobbies fully present with complete love and passion, inspiring others to give their maximum. Toomas has attracted a very inspiring team, where each team member is with at least as much energy as he and brings innovative solutions and ideas to life at every level of the company. The idea of Oasis was born ten years ago after high school graduation while tripping around in India and enjoying vegetarian food daily. After months of food orgasms, Toomas clearly envisioned himself already enjoying inspiring vegetarian tastes in his own restaurant. As always in life, things manifest in their own right way and almost seven years ago he started a Vegan Cafe Inspiratsioon in Tallinn Old Town. After years of intensive work and self-development with cafe Inspiratsioon, Toomas was invited by Rotermann’s leaders to open a vegan restaurant in their quarter. Sometimes the right invitation is exactly what is needed and after long negotiations to find the right space, the area with a large terrace opening onto Korstna Square and also towards Stalker gate remained the best possible choice. In addition to the restaurant, there was also an ideal area for a vegan shop. This is how this crazy and big project got started. With full speed of reconstructions and creating the concept, the vegan shop and the Sun Terrace of the restaurant was opened already within a month.

Our desire is to serve all beautiful souls who value healthy and high-quality plant-based food. We are welcoming all new and long-term veg-friendly friends both with children and pets!

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